You have the idea. And we have the technology. Together we compile a concept for your conference technology. Custom-made. That way, your technical needs correspond with your aesthetical demands. Because: Our idea of a fair partnership is sometimes to even advise our customers against something. Perhaps unpopular, but meaningful. At the and of the day you do not want to pay for something that you donĀ“t really need.

Technicians, projects manager work in teams, also behind the window blinds. So you can concentrate on only one partner. Simply and fast.

The creation of a concept

The idea

In our show room in Maintal we present the latest conference technology. Thus we provide an overview of current developments and possibilities for our customers. Here you find ideal conditions for the presentation of your future project, that we will additionally discuss with you.

The plans

Ideally a project manager can have a look at your plans, examine the technical details and clarify questions. If that is not possible, the already existing plans will be checked and modified by our technical staff. After that the project manager will add the devices you want to be integrated to the plans and advise you in terms of practical effects.

The treatment

Based on the plans, notes and your requirements the project manager compiles in close coordination with you a first concept for your project. First, the focus is on the technical conversion, for example with the preparation of block diagrams or visualizations. Over all, however, we believe in price transparency and, of course, in communication. To us, a constant exchange with our customers is important.

The final touch

The technical components that you have chosen are finally fit in into the plans. The technical project manager provides cable lists and wiring diagrams, coordinates the everything with our master carpenter and provides you with a time schedule.




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