Demonstration Room

The heart of our company. This room has recently received a „facelift“ and is now equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art conference technology. However, the tasks have remained the same: The idea behind the demonstration room is to make technology “apperceptible” in the true sense of the word. Here you can see the new generation of media technology: Video conferencing in high definition quality, plasma displays of varying sizes, control systems, interactive whiteboard, visualizer and furniture that is optimally designed to meet the requirements of technology.

Use of the AVS demonstration room


The demonstration room is used regularly and for a variety of purposes, e.g. for showing customers the extensive possibilities of conference technology. It is also used for planning and discussing existing projects – e.g. with the aid of the interactive whiteboard or the projection wall. Document cameras and various audio devices are also available.


The demonstration room can also be rented, e.g. for a video conference, a meeting (small or large circle) or for staff training purposes. The entire media technology installed in the room is available for use.

AVS Academy

Naturally, we use the conference technology of our demonstration room for our in-house training institute, the AVS Academy. What better place is there to explain the seminar topic „Media technology“ than here on site using the equipment that is involved?




AVS Lilienthal:
Medientechnik in der Übersicht

Konzeption und Ausführung von Konferenzräumen. Mobile Konferenzlösungen für den flexiblen Einsatz. Videokonferenzlösungen - mit weltweiter Einsatzfähigkeit. Besucherinformationssysteme wie Displays und Touchpanels.

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