Mobile Conferencing Solutions

Sometimes things have to get rolling: The AVS media mobile is something like a conference room on wheels, so that the presentation technology can be used in completely different areas. In the vehicle there are beside a plasma screen also PC and video conference as well as all other desired devices.

In addition there could be for example a DVD-recorder, Sat or Business-TV included. At the back connection field further devices can be attached e.g. document camera or laptop, but also LAN, ISDN or already existing media technics.


The user has the choice: He can attach his laptop over the rear connector panel to the media mobile and transfer his presentation that way to the plasma or use the integrated PC with wireless keyboard and presentation mouse. Even a document camera can be used without any trouble.

Video conferences

Over the video conferencing system, which is integrated in the media mobile, the user has the possibility present also online or to hold a meeting via video conference. The pictures of the PC, the document camera or any other device can be likewise transferred to the other conference participants. The inserted DVD recorder tapes, if desired, the entire conference.

At the touch of a button

The media mobile is also available with a surface on the plasma that is sensitive to touch. This so-called „overlay“ cannot only be used, depending upon equipment characteristics, by touch, but puts the user also into the position to visualize during the presentation sketches and ideas directly and put to all participants at their disposal via the network. Thus the participants of the meeting can also results, which were compiled during a conference, take home with them. For still more flexibility in the operation a wireless touch panel can be attached.

Customer-made solution

The media mobile comes in different sizes and variations, equipped with 42“-, 50“- or 65“-screens. In order to make it fit optically into the respective environment, corpus and surface are manufactured by our master carpenter according to your requirements. The use of more standardized 19“ modules ensures a high level of flexibility regarding extensions and changes.




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