Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing is not only a highly efficient instrument that improves the communication and productivity of a company but it is also an essential part of a successful communication strategy.

Video communication also provides a significant element that other forms of media do not have – the visual perception of the dialogue partner. Scientists have confirmed that 55 percent of communication takes place non-verbally. This would mean that apparently a considerable amount of details are not registered if the dialogue partner cannot be seen.

Business is transacted by communication between people

Face-to-face communication is more personal, promotes mutual trust and removes doubts directly.

As partners of TANDBERG with the highest achievable status, we have devoted ourselves to visual communication with first class image and sound quality.

By the way: Rooms do not always provide facilities for fixed installations. This is when the mobile unit fulfils its purpose.

Our staff are trained regularly in dealing with these products and are certified accordingly. We also attach great importance to customer counselling and service.

Obvious advantages: Saving of costs and increase in productivity

Companies of all kinds realize that they can create an edge over their competitors thanks to the following aspects of video communication:

1. Acceleration of decision making

An estimated 297 billion $ are wasted every year alone in the United States due to inefficient communication. The time that is wasted on journeys, waiting for the arrival of documents and materials or the unsuccessful attempt at trying to explain complicated facts by email, could be used more sensibly for launching new products onto the market or solving customer service problems. Video conferencing enables all participants to exchange ideas, show detailed pictures and to negotiate quicker.

2. Improved availability of know-how

It is sometimes necessary to obtain expert advice. With the aid of video conferences, the knowledge of experts can be employed throughout the entire company without having to visit different sites. Training, translating, consulting and eliminating errors can be carried out in real-time. And thanks to video streaming and archiving, the knowledge of an expert is accessible at all times to all concerned.

3. Integration of organisations

The fact that several subsidiaries exist does not necessarily mean that the teams work independently. Companies that often expand, merge and outsource on a global basis, frequently have their own departments that are not directly concerned with project targets and the common corporate culture. A virtual conference room is created per video to enable the persons involved to interact and keep up to date.

4. Work-leisure time balance

Travelling the whole day to attend a 2-hour meeting means sacrificing time spent with the family and hobbies. If one can participate in such meetings per video communication or even work from home instead of spending the time in a traffic jam, the balance between work and leisure time can be re-established, costs can be saved and the environment not polluted.




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